Vehicle graphics create the high impact to attract attention for your business. With the amount of driving individuals do on a daily basis, we have become a captive audience to the cars around us.
Since all vehicle makes and models are sized differently, the process begins by one of our staff members measuring your vehicle. Our design team then creates custom and unique graphics for your vehicle. The term vehicle graphics is a broad description for many types of materials. This can include: digitally printed custom graphics, one color to full color logos, perforated window vinyl, reflective vinyl, and more.  
Insignia Signs makes it convenient for you to pickup your graphics and apply them yourself, or you can choose to have them installed in our garage by our experienced team. 

Whether you operate a local delivery business with a small fleet of vans or you have a single company truck, putting your company’s logo on the side of a vehicle is a low-cost, high-visibility form of direct marketing and branding. Some of the advantages include:
- Low Cost of the Logo Design - Insignia Signs can create your logo for you, or use your existing logo to create eye catching vehicle graphics. Instead of paying for monthly rental fees for an expensive billboard, once you’ve added a a logo to your vehicle, you’re done. There’s never any additional expense, yet you continue to reap the visibility every time a vehicle leaves the office.
- Flexibility of Logo Placement - There's no limitation as to what you have on the vehicle. The windows can even have vinyl since Insignia Signs uses a perforated vinyl that wouldn't cause any visiblity issues. When you’re stuck in traffic, take advantage of the captive audience behind you by placing your logo on a rear window decal. 
- Mobility of Your Logo - Most signage is stationary, limiting its reach as a marketing tool. Putting your logo on a vehicle ensures your message will get around, unconfined to a single location. The mobility can help put your logo in front of potential customers who might not see it otherwise.
Customers may misplace your business card but they’re likely to remember a great logo that they’ve seen on your company vehicle – making it easier for them to find you again the next time they need to hire someone.
Insignia Signs has the expertise and experience to design and install your professional vehicle graphics!