Traffic and safety signs are essential for parking lots, streets, freeways, and more. The messages conveyed on a traffic and safety sign are broad and can consist of: Do Not Enter / Pedestrian Crossing / Children at Play / Yield / Stop / Handicap Parking / Speed Limit / One Way / Construction Zone / Caution / Dead End ...and much more!

The signs are essential for warning and safety cautionary. Insignia signs offers custom traffic & safety signs, which means our customers aren't limited to the standard sign layouts. Some companies choose to put tow company information, their business logos, etc. onto the signs. Anything is possible! Insignia Signs uses industrial grade aluminum - the standard thickness of traffic and safety sign aluminum is .040. We also use .063 and .080 aluminum for larger signs to help with stability and wind resisting outdoors. Temporary signs, such as construction zone signs, can be on a corrugated plastic material which works well outside. Many exterior traffic and safety signs use a reflective vinyl so the letters reflect from vehicle headlights at night- giving it full visibility all times of the day. We always recommend rounding the corners on exterior signs to protect people from the sharp sign corners.

Stop signs are the most recognized signs in the United States. The bright red color and octagon shape have given it an unmistakable identity. Insignia Signs offers 24"x24" and 30"x30" stop signs in both reflective and non-reflective vinyls.

The standard parking sign is installed directly into the dirt or concrete using a u-channel or square post with sleeve. Normally posts are 8' tall but Insignia Signs can cut the post down to whatever size works best for our customer's needs.

Insignia Signs has every day LOW prices on standard 18"x12" and 24"x18" traffic and safety signs and we can beat any price! We also install the signs - call us today for a price and we'll be sure to make your traffic & safety signs STAND OUT!