The Las Vegas Valley is FULL of shopping centers which contain many businesses. A great reason to have your company name on the pylon sign is to allow you to STAND OUT. Having your business name on a pylon signs literally allows you to rise above the competition! Pylon Signs can help direct traffic to your business location and communicate a short message to anyone driving in the area. Pylon signs are very popular when it comes to identifying shopping plazas and industrial complexes, car dealerships, gas stations, restaurants, mini-malls, hotels, and retail locations. Insignia Signs is able to help a business with their pylon signage from start to finish. The first step in the process is a site survey. One of our crew members will measure the available space on the pylon sign, then it is given to our design team. From there, we can create the graphics for you but we suggest keeping it short. A computer store might have several services they offer but the word "COMPUTER" as large as possible on a pylon sign would be the best way to attract people's attention. For pylon signs - simple is best. Once the design is approved by the customer, we create the graphics in house. Insignia Signs can print any colors so if a company has a specific Pantone color, don't worry - we can print it! We then laminate our graphics in a UV laminate to protect it from the sun. 

Insignia Signs is able to install signage at any height - whether it's 3 feet up or 30 feet up - we can reach! 

There are hundreds of pylon signs in the city of Las Vegas - the key is to utilize the space to allow your business to STAND OUT. Call Insignia Signs today for a free site survey and estimate!