When advertising your business or promoting your product, magnetics are one of the most effective means of advertisement. Magnetic signs on vehicles are an excellent way to give your business increased exposure. A magnet on each door or on the tailgate makes a huge impression at a low cost! Be seen by thousands of potential customers everyday simply by driving around. One of the biggest benefits of using a magnetic sign is that they are removable. The signs can be taken off the vehicle and replaced at your convenience.

Place your custom magnets on your car or truck to instantly transform your vehicle into a mobile billboard - magnets are an ad on wheels! Insignia Signs can put any custom graphic on the magnet, allowing your vehicle to be a constant moving advertisement.   A pair of magnetics enables you to advertise wherever you drive and gives you the flexibility to easily remove it when you want. Not only are they easily removable, but they're simply to put on too - just wipe clean the surface of your vehicle and apply the magnet!

Vehicle magnets will help gain more views than any other banner or ad on the internet. Whenever you drive your vehicle, you will have a new audience -  you can advertise your business without really trying. Your car magnet will do all the work for you. All you need to do is go about your daily life.

Here are some benefits of using car magnets to help advertise your business and promote your brand:
- Create awareness of your business using a car magnet. When you are driving down a busy street, you can be sure that your car magnet ad will be exposed to hundreds or even thousands of people. 
- Perfect for businesses with a small budget for marketing. Because car magnets are so affordable and can last for many years to come, there is really no need to replace them regularly making them very cost effective.
- Very versatile in that they can be taken off or switched very easily. If you have a different promotion you want to promote, you can simply peel off your car magnet and switch it with another promotion you are having.
- Extremely durable and have a UV protective laminate on them - allowing them to last for many years!
- 100% customizable - both design and shape - allowing your company to really stand out from the rest.
- Very low maintenance and do not require much care.