Although Insignia Signs doesn't build electric signs, we SPECIALIZE in producing and installing new faces for existing lightbox can signs. Many businesses have a lightbox that has no face, has faded vinyl, or needs updated graphics and Insignia Signs can help you instantly get a new look! 

A standard lightbox is internally lit with LED tube lighting. At night, this allows the sign to be brightly illuminated. When Insignia Signs designs a graphic for a lightbox, we aim to create a design that will stand out the best with having the backlit illumination. For example, if a customer wants text, we will suggest a solid background and remove the letters from the vinyl so at night the letters have maximum visiblity.

Lightbox signs hold acrylic, lexan, duratran, or panaflex. The material is held in the lightbox using trimcap & returns, normally between 1"-3" wide. The type of material is usually determined by the size of the lightbox frame. Acrylic and duratran are used for smaller lightboxes while lexan and panalfex are used for larger ones. All material and vinyl used is translucent, allowing the LED light to illuminate properly.

The graphics in a lightbox are limitless, they can be anything from one color text to full color logos. It's a great way to get a message, picture, and logo seen. Lightboxes rank higher than all other traditional business signs that are not illuminated when it comes to catching the attention of potential clients. Lightbox signs in Las Vegas are very efficient and versatile and work effectively to promote your business day and night. The light illuminating from a lightbox sign can be seen clearly in dark places or in direct sunlight. Potential customers can view the verbiage and graphics clearly even from a distance due to the clarity of the display. These signs are visible and legible even in the rain or haze, generating high visibility to attract customers. Call us today for a price to create a brand new look for your lightbox sign so your exterior signs can STAND OUT!

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