Post and Panel signs are very versatile because they work so well outdoors, even in the Las Vegas heat. Whether you need to identify your business, inform, advertise, or direct traffic - post & panel signs are an excellent way to communicate with your customers. Insignia Signs' post & panel signs can be manufactured in various shapes and sizes to fit your specific needs. These signs, normally 1/2" thick, are a durable and long lasting sign option.

The ways to personalize post & panels signs are endless. Full color high resolution graphics, which Insignia Signs can create for your company are completely customizable. From one color to one hundred, these signs can say absolutely anything! Another great option for MDO signs is the fact that they can be covered easily. If a sign is vandalized, faded from the sun, or if the information changes - Insignia Signs can print a decal and overlay it on the existing board, saving you $$$!

So what is MDO?

MDO stands for Medium Density Overlay, which is a paintable surface made of plywood with a weather-resistant resin overlay bonded to the wood by heat and pressure. This post and panel sign is commonly installed into the ground with 4x4 posts that we paint white (or any color you prefer) for a professional finished look. The companies mentioned above can use these signs for many things including: identifying construction sites, directional signage in a parking lot, coming soon signage, dust control signs, and much more. Many businesses that aren't easily seen from the street may install an MDO sign near heavy traffic to bring attention to their location. Insignia Signs offers design, manufacturing, and installation of these signs. They are most commonly 4'x4' and 8'x4' and can be installed also as a V-Shaped sign for visibility from all sides. The size and design of MDO signs are completely customizable!

These exterior signs are a GREAT way to make your business STAND OUT!