Decals are one of Insignia Signs most popular items! A decal can be absolutely any size, color, or shape. Insignia Signs has the award winning HP Latex Large Format Printer (awarded the Quick Printing 2015 Top Product Award in the wide-format inkjet printers greater than 24 inches category) which offers quality far superior to that of a solvent printer. The colors are more solid, while the precision and consistency are outstanding. We also laminate all of our decals with a UV protective laminate, which means they are durable outdoors and can be wiped clean with any chemical. We offer both a gloss/shiny and matte/non-shiny laminate!

Insignia Signs has the ability to die-cut decals into any customized shape. Once printed, we laminate all decals and use a large format Graphtec plotter to cut the decals to the shape specified.

We also offer one to two color decals, which are made with standard intermediate vinyl. This vinyl is most commonly used for customers who prefer individually cut letters, without any background color. This type of decal, cut using our large format Graphtec plotter, is "masked" using an application tape, allowing for easy transfer onto any surface. An example of this would be boat vinyl - many customers like to have letters & numbers only, no background color. This would be done using a standard intermediate vinyl. 

Another very popular use of decals is overlays. Customers may have an old sign that needs replaced but are looking for ways to save money, Insignia Signs can print a decal to cover the existing signage, saving on the cost of the material. This would be done using our "gray backing" material to guarantee the old image wouldn't be visible.
No matter what you are trying to label, decorate, or promote, if you want your decal to stick, Insignia Signs can help clarify and design the best custom product to meet your needs so you can STAND OUT!