Banners are one of the most versatile print medias in signage. Insignia Signs offers durable, weather-resistant custom banners that are great for both outdoor or indoor use. Banners can be created in any shape or size, and are a great way to promote an event, celebrate a birthday or anniversary, or create a custom sign for your business.

All of our banners are custom made, meaning the size and design are limitless. Our standard banner material is a high quality 13 oz vinyl, and we also offer mesh banners and heavier vinyl banners. We hem & grommet our banners and are able to accommodate specific requests for grommets if necessary. 

Banners can be installed using cords, strings or bungees to attach the corner grommets to a stationary object, such as poles. Our customers have also used screws and washers to install banners to rigid backgrounds such as wood or concrete, which is an install service Insignia Signs offers! Banners are great for real estate agents too, putting a large "FOR SALE" or "FOR LEASE" banner on the side of a building attracts a great amount of attention.

Another popular use of banners is mounting them on banner stands. Insignia Signs supplies both the stand and the banner! We have many customers who will purchase a banner stand for a certain event and change out the banner for their next big thing! This is a cost efficient way to nicely display a message and are great for trade show displays.
Banners are also very easy to care for, we suggest regularly cleaning them with warm water and allow them to air dry before storing. To easily store your banner, roll them up and keep them in a dry area at room temperature.

Our banner pricing is competitive and would allow your message to STAND OUT